Tor VM - Tor in a virtual machine.
Bring transparency to your security, privacy, and anonymity.
Tor VM Design Documentation
Tor VM Readme for Microsoft Windows.
Download Tor VM for Microsoft Windows XP, 2003 Server.
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Download the Tor VM ISO.
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Documentation - How to use Tor_VM.iso
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Documentation - Installing the Build Environment & Building Tor VM.pdf

Quick Overview
Tor VM is a transparent proxy that routes all your DNS request and TCP traffic though the Tor network. The major advantage of running Tor VM is the protection you get from IP disclosure attacks that could leak your true IP address. Tor VM will not protect you from leaking personal information while in use; please take caution in protecting your personal identity and information by not sending it across the Tor network. The use of encryption (HTTPS) whenever possible is highly recommended.

To build TorVM from source, you'll need a virtualization product to make a virtual machine for Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop. VMware Workstation was used in the creation of Tor VM, but VMware Player or Server are free work fine too. The 20GB Linux VMware Configuration used with Ubuntu 8.04-1 Desktop.iso will be required to create your build environment.

Download the Ubuntu ISO and put it into the same folder that you extracted the VMware configuration files into before trying to run the VM. Install Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop.
Delete or move the ISO after you are done installing Ubuntu.

After you have created your build environment (ie, installing Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop), just wget the build script and execute it. This will automatically install all the requires build dependencies, get the source code, compile Tor VM, and create the tor_vm.iso and w32build.iso.

- tor_vm.iso is the main ISO. This is Tor in a Virtual Machine.
(tor_vm.iso can be used directly with VMware or any virtualization engine that support raw ethernet access.)
- w32build.iso is the ISO that will build a portable version of TorVM for Microsoft Windows.
(You can either burn the w32build.iso to a CD, or use a virtual drive program like Daemon Tools to mount the w32build.iso.)

Online Cache
A cached copy of all the sources required for tor_vm.iso can be found here.
A cached copy of all the sources required for w32build.iso can be found here.
A full directory listing of all Tor VM related files can be found here.

Martin Peck

November 5, 2008